2018 Cycling Recap

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2018 was by far my biggest year for cycling, and I'd tried to capture as much data on it as I could. In 2018 I rode 7,642 km, more than double my previous best.


Commuting: I rode to or from work 243 times, and must have left my bike at work at least once in there. My fastest commute was 16:21, and that was me trying to haul ass. There are 30 lights on my regular route (as I need to go all the way across town), so the time a ride takes is highly dependent on how many lights one gets. Cumulative distance for those commutes is at least 1822 km, excluding going out of my way to run errands.

total rides

For Fun: I went on 116 rides that were not commutes. These are a mix of club rides with Cabbagetown Cycling Club, training indoors at the Cycling Gym, or riding somewhere fun while travelling. My longest ride was 187.28 km, on the CCC Fall Gran Fondo.  The most elevation in a single ride was a brutal ride just outside of LA in the Malibu hills where I dangerously ran out of water.  

I had 15 rides this year with over 1000m of elevation, with summits up Mount Baldy in California, Mount Seymour and Silverstar Mountains in British Colombia and the Rocacorba in Girona, Spain. I was extremely fortunate to have a number of absolutely stunning rides this year, including some in California, Panama, Italy and Spain. A few of the highlights:


In the below heatmap you can see the 8 bajillion commutes across Richmond and King, With the next brightest colours coming from regular routes with the Cabbagetown crew.