Graeme Bunton

The Internet and its infrastructure. DNS Abuse. Online harms and Infrastructure. The DNS. 


Hello. I'm Graeme Bunton.

I'm a values-driven technology leader.  I bring diverse stakeholders together. I bring nuance, understanding, and compassion to complicated, divisive issues.  I tackle difficult, intractable global issues, and I make a difference.

This is meant to be a bit silly
This is meant to be a bit silly.

I make the Internet safer. For everyone.

If you'd like insights into the domain name system, the Internet, and online harms, you can find me on Mastodon , or on  Twitter @graemebunton, or email at

I spend most of my days leading the DNS Abuse Institute. An initiative dedicated to reducing online harms that exploit the DNS. If you're a domain name registrar or registry, or looking to better understand DNS abuse, please reach out via