Graeme Bunton is the Executive Director of the DNS Abuse Institute (DSNAI), an initiative dedicated to developing collaborative and innovative methods of reducing technical online harms.  As Director,Graeme is responsible for the DNSAI’s strategy as well as its execution.  Graeme is leading the design and development of new platforms and technologies to understand and reduce online harms. He has provided insights and guidance on issues of DNS abuse to the ICANN board, national governments, registrars and registries, and appeared on podcasts and in print. 

Just a casual guy, with a small beer
Just a casual guy, with a small beer

Prior to joining the DNSAI, Graeme was Head of Policy for Tucows, one of the largest domain name registrars in the world.  Policy work at Tucows primarily focused on Internet governance and activities within ICANN, the body that coordinates and develops policy for domain names and Internet addressing. Graeme spent four years as the twice elected Chair of the Registrar Stakeholder Group, presiding over the domain registration industry through an era of unprecedented conflict caused by tensions between privacy regulation and domain registration data. Graeme was also co-chair of the policy development process for domain privacy services, and represented registrars on the IANA transition -  a process that migrated oversight of core Internet functions from the US Government to a new global function.

Graeme served on the board of the Internet Infrastructure Coalition for six years, finishing his two terms as Board Chair.  He’s been a frequent contributor to the Internet and Jurisdiction Policy Network, and the ICANN Studienkreis.

Graeme has a degree in political science from the University of Toronto. Where in 2001 he helped found the Citizen Lab, working on multiple documentaries, early live streams and virtual spaces, and research into Internet censorship and surveillance.

This article was updated on February 21, 2023